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Screaming Heart Design
Who the heck is this?

I started cross stitching in the 90s as a way to pass the time on airplanes. In 2015 I began making my own patterns and haven't looked back since! I love unusual twists on the ordinary and subversive patterns that bring cross stitching into the modern age.


Copyright and intellectual property are VERY important to me as a designer and I work hard to ensure any artwork for sale in this shop is either:

(1) My own work

(2) CC0 public domain,

(3) used with direct permission from the original artist,

(4) paid for commercial use rights from a stock image site, or

(5) used within UK copyright law around fair use parody, caricature and pastiche.


I release slowly and unless otherwise stated, each stitched example was done by me! I find inspiration in pop culture, memes, literary quotes, and geometry - you'll also find a healthy dose of dark humour and skulls in the shop!


These are designs that I'm excited to stitch; I hope they excite you too!

 - Teresa🖤 


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